Eugene Capoeira

Eugene Capoeira
Brazilian cultural Academy
Professor Brucutu

Preparatory class

Welcome to your first experience with Capoeira!

THANK YOU for your interest in Eugene Capoeira! Your instructors, Professor Brucutu (Davey Jackson) and Instructora Angoleira (Heather Figi), would like to welcome you to your first class! This class will introduce you to some of the basic fundamentals of the Capoeira that we will repeat during every class. Please make sure that you have a comfortable space with a solid hardwood, matted or carpeted area with at least 6 feet of open space for your body to move around freely. Then watch this video and follow along with the motions.

Your homework: Practice, Practice, Practice!

After you go through this workout once... watch it again and follow along. Practicing these motions and becoming really comfortable with them is extremely important!
Once you feel somewhat comfortable with these motions, we would love it if you would take a short, one minute video to show Professor Brucutu your progress. (No judgement! This is just to see how you move.)
Professor Brucutu
Professor Brucutu
Heather Instructora
Instructora Angoleira

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