Eugene Capoeira

Eugene Capoeira
Brazilian cultural Academy
Professor Brucutu

Eugene Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that combines dance, acrobatics and music in a spectacular game of ritual combat.

Eugene Capoeira provides weekly bodyweight-conditioning classes which are designed for developing and reinforcing essential Capoeira skills: rhythm, balance, strength, combat and improvisation. Our classes also include time for musical development through Capoeira focused Brazilian Percussion.

Professor Brucutu

Formada Angoleira

Instructor Augaceiro


December 1st, 2023

Adult and Family Class Schedule

  • Monday Nights: 7:00pm- 8:30pm 
    All Levels Capoeira w/ Instructor Augaceiro
  • Tues & Thurs 4:25-5:10pm  *New* Capoeira for Parents    Beginner Capoeira for kids at Heart w/ Professor Brucutu  Free w/ a Family Plan.
  • Thursday Nights: 7:00pm – 8:30pm 
     All Levels Capoeira w/ Professor Brucutu  
Kids Classes – 
Spring Term April 2nd – June 1st
  • Early Elementary K-4 T/Th 3:45pm – 4:20pm 

2-month tuition for 1x a week is $162 (9 Classes $18/ Class)*

2-month tuition for 2x week is $270 (18 Classes $15/ Class)*

Families with 2 or more members training Capoeira should enroll in the Family Plan of $185/ month.

Private Lesson times

  • Contact Prof. Brucutu for availability 

Monthly Rodas (Open Play Sessions)



Capoeira is fun to learn, but it is a martial art that requires dedication and practice to develop even basic proficiency. The movements in these classes will challenge you both physically and mentally. But, with practice and a humble mindset you will get better!

To break through mental barriers, which can limit us creatively, practice and patience are required. For these reasons, we recommend all new students attend a minimum of three classes to get a feel for your personal agility, coordination and potential for development in Capoeira.

Visitors are always welcome to come and watch our classes for free.

Intro Package – $35

New to Capoeira? The Intro Package is for you! Three Capoeira Classes to get your training wheels running.  Includes a live physical assessment, personal feedback, and follow-up exercises to build strength, coordination, and balance.

Drop-Ins – $20

90 Minute group workout. Capoeira bodyweight conditioning class and music instruction.

Monthly – $95* / $105

Optimize your progress with regular weekly training and join our broader community with access to special events! Includes $105 per month includes 2 classes per-week plus access to bonus guest instructor workshops.

Annual Membership – $75 per-person / $100 Family

All students having completed 3 or more classes with Eugene Capoeira must purchase an Annual Membership. This once per-year charge helps to cover the cost of our special events and guest teachers who arrive throughout the year. 



Includes 50-Minute Private training with Professor Brucutu, plus 3 personalized videos for follow-up skill development. Inquire about incentives for recurring monthly/bi-monthly/ weekly private training.

 FAMILIA  – $185* / $195 MONTHLY

Those who train together stay together. One monthly fee for all participants training under the same roof: Two or more kids, parent&child, mommy-daughter, roommates, it’s the same.)

* Save $10 / month with auto-bill payments

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