Eugene Capoeira

Eugene Capoeira
Brazilian cultural Academy
Professor Brucutu

Eugene Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that combines dance, acrobatics and music in a spectacular game of ritual combat.

Eugene Capoeira provides weekly bodyweight-conditioning classes which are designed for developing and reinforcing essential Capoeira skills: rhythm, balance, strength, combat and improvisation. Our classes also include time for musical development through Capoeira focused Brazilian Percussion.

Professor Brucutu

Formada Angoleira

Instructor Augaceiro


Updated March 23rd, 2023

Adult and Family Class Schedule

  • Monday Nights: 7:30pm- 9:00pm 
    All Levels Capoeira w/ Instructor Augaceiro 
  • Thursday evenings: 7:30pm – 9:00pm 
     All Levels Capoeira w/ Professor Brucutu 
Kids Spring Term
Spring term Kids Classes will begin on Tuesday April 4th and concludes on June 13th.  Tuition includes 2-weekly physical training and musical enrichment classes.
  • Early Elementary K-3rd T/Th 3:45pm – 4:20pm – $325.00*       (21 Classes –  $15.50/class)
  • Upper Elementary Grades 4-5 T/Th 4:25 – 5:10pm $325.00*     (21 Classes – $15.50/class)
* Tuition is payable in two installments due by April 4th and May 4th

Private Lesson times

  • Contact Prof. Brucutu for availability 

Monthly Rodas (Open Play Sessions)

  • 2nd Thursday of Each Month
  • Check Facebook for details or use our webmail.



Capoeira is fun to learn, but it is a martial art that requires dedication and practice to develop even basic proficiency. The movements in these classes will challenge you both physically and mentally. But, with practice and a humble mindset you will get better!

To break through mental barriers, which can limit us creatively, practice and patience are required. For these reasons, we recommend all new students attend a minimum of three classes to get a feel for your personal agility, coordination and potential for development in Capoeira.

Visitors are always welcome to come and watch our classes for free.

Intro Package – $35

New to Capoeira? The Intro Package is for you! Three Capoeira Classes to get your training wheels running.  Includes a live physical assessment, personal feedback, and follow-up exercises to build strength, coordination, and balance.

Drop-Ins – $25

90 Minute group workout. Capoeira bodyweight conditioning class and music instruction.

Monthly – $95* / $105

Optimize your progress with regular weekly training and join our broader community with access to special events! Includes $105 per month includes 2 classes per-week plus access to bonus guest instructor workshops.


Includes 50-Minute Private training with Professor Brucutu, plus 3 personalized videos for follow-up skill development. Inquire about incentives for recurring monthly/bi-monthly/ weekly private training.

 FAMILIA  – $185* / $195 MONTHLY

Those who train together stay together. One monthly fee for all participants training under the same roof: Two or more kids, parent&child, mommy-daughter, roommates, it’s the same.)

* Save $10 / month with auto-bill payments

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